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A social platform to create and share active learning challenges with your students and other teachers
Train hundreds of people efficiently
Make them learn in action
We help you capture essential knowledge
Turn any idea into a learning challenge
Into a library of micro E-learning activities
Or reuse an existing one created by the community
Accessible on-demand, anywhere, anytime
Assign it to your students anytime, anywhere
Get reports, track progress and take action quickly
Track progress and give personalized feedback
Why Didacti
Engage your students and facilitate their success. Measure progress and give feedback. Save time and reuse hundred of thousands of existing activities.
Schools & school boards
Facilitate technology integration. Encourage new pedagogical approaches. Provide all ressources for success. Improve your offer and grow your market. Save costs and generate revenues.
Content Publishers
Easily transfer your existing content into Didacti’s interactive, social, multiplatform and future-proof format. Focus on content and grow your market.
Follow thousands of inspiring teachers. Complete practical bite-size learning challenges in every subjects and levels. Share your progress with peers.
Pedagogical consultants
Train your teachers more efficiently. Create and supervise learning communities adapted to your needs. Promote your teachers best creation and practice.
Give an added value to your membres. Have a private sharing group. Organize with us creation and collaboration events. Take advantage of Didacti network to have more visibility.
How it Works
Create in seconds

Challenge your students with fun, bite-sized exercises. In seconds, you can create learning activities with text, videos, files, links, interactive questions and many more. Join multiple activities into a playlist or even a full blown course. Assign these activities to you students with a simple link, or ask them to join one of your groups.

Measure and give feedback

Collect all students answers in one simple interface, whether they are projects, videos, images, text, files or self-grading multiple choice or short answers. Access each answer individually and give personalized feedback. You can also make some answers public for peers interaction and discussion.

Reuse existing activities

Explore hundred of thousands of free and public learning activities created by all Didacti users. Get inspired or reuse them as is and assign them in one click to your students. You can also buy acces to premium content created by Didacti's partners.

Spice things up

Didacti offers you plenty of simple yet powerful integrated tools to create innovative content. Record videos, insert math graphs and formulas. Create tests and specify options such as number of retries, random questions. Gamify your courses with interactive progress maps. Invite your students to create course material such as course notes and exercises, or update their portfolio.

Modern pedagogical approach

Didacti is the best entry point to explore new pedagogical approaches such as the flipped classroom, differentiate pedagogy, active learning, gamification and project based teaching. Start small by sharing homework, courses notes and quizzes, and you’ll quickly evolve and try new things with your students and you peers.

Your own school online

Make your account look good, or give your organisation the branding it deserves, Didacti is beautiful! Add images and description to your accounts, groups and contents. Pin your content to promote the best. Perfect to create you own online school. Become a partner and sell you own courses online.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Our state of the art HTML5 web application works on any modern device (desktop, tablet, mobile) on any up-to-date web browser. Not only you can access content on any device but you can create too! Each interactive challenges can be shared with the whole world, or only with users from your organisation, or by selected people you give permission to.

our users
"It change the way i teach my kids. Parents are happy. Homework are simple."
Serge Arseneault
Life teacher
Pierre Bernard Gariepy's secondary school
"It change the way i teach my kids. Parents are happy."
2222 Doe
3th grade teacher
St-John's elementary school
"Blha ..."
Jane Doe
3th grade teacher
St-John's elementary school
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Jane Doe
3th grade teacher
St-John's elementary school
"Blha ..."
Jane Doe
3th grade teacher
St-John's elementary school